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How Marijuana Affects Life Insurance Rates

Here’s the most important thing you need to know:

Marijuana users can qualify for non-tobacco life insurance rates. There are certain life insurance companies that have no problem with marijuana use!

How Marijuana Use Affect Life Insurance Rates Have you been misinformed about how marijuana affects life insurance?

Unfortunately, most marijuana users do not apply with the right company and either get stuck expensive tobacco rates for coverage or some cases get declined for coverage altogether. 

Just know that you don’t have to hide your marijuana use when applying for life insurance. We work with several life insurance companies that are very lenient about marijuana and will approve you at non-tobacco rates!

As a marijuana user, you’ll save over 50% each year on life insurance rates with a non-tobacco classification vs. the tobacco class. 

The Marijuana Life Insurance Shop was started to specifically help marijuana users obtain non-tobacco life insurance rates and make the process hassle-free! We are experts in marijuana life insurance and understand which company is best for every situation.

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How To Qualify for Non-Tobacco Life Insurance Rates as Marijuana User

We’ve put together a quick guide to show marijuana users how to qualify for non-tobacco classification for life insurance purpose. This is the 4-step process that we follow with every case:
  • Step 1: Apply with a Marijuana Friendly Life Insurance Company

If you’ve skimmed over our content to this point, here’s what you need to know:

How to get and qualify for non-tobacco term life insurance rates with marijuana useThe key to securing affordable marijuana life insurance rates is working with an independent agent that understands various company underwriting guidelines for use of marijuana. 

Each company’s guidelines will view your usage differently. The key is to apply with the company that has no problem with your use and will approve you at a non-tobacco life insurance classification. 

We currently work with 6 different companies that have marijuana friendly underwriting guidelines. From those six, we determine which is going to be the most affordable for you depending on your usage and overall health. 

Next, we determine how each company will view your recreational marijuana use:

  • Step 2: Determine How Each Company Will View Your Recreational Marijuana Usage 

Now you need to figure out how your use of marijuana will be viewed for life insurance purposes. While each company has different guidelines, recreational marijuana use typically falls into two categories. 

We’ve put together a chart to help you categorize your use:

More Than Occasional Use

Occasional Marijuana Use

Frequency of Use

Up to 3 Uses Per Week

1-2 Uses Per Week or Less

Test Positive for THC



Best Rate Possible

Non-Tobacco Plus

Preferred Non-Tobacco

(Note for Very Occasional Users: For very occasional use that is defined as 2 times per year or less, we work with a top-rated company that will provided a preferred plus non-tobacco rate for healthy individuals that qualify based on overall health)

Just remember that these usage guidelines are a very general starting point to help us narrow down the list of companies that will be best for you to apply with for coverage. There are some caveats, but this overview should help you understand how marijuana use will be classified for life insurance in 2017. 

From here, we start looking at your unique health situation to determine which of these marijuana-friendly insurers is going to look at you most favorably from a underwriting standpoint. We’ll review things such as height, weight, medications, medical and family history, among other things. 

The next factor to consider is current or prior cigarette use.  Find out more in step 3:

  • Step 3: Confirm That You Have Not Smoked Cigarettes in 365 Days ( 1 Full Year)

The next step is to confirm that you have not smoked cigarettes in the last year.

In order to get non-tobacco rates, each company has different guidelines that pertain your last date of cigarette use (if ever). Every company will require you to be cigarette free for at least 365 days before they will approve you at non-tobacco rates. For some companies, the date of last use is three years.

Just know that in order to get these non-tobacco term life insurance rates as a marijuana user, you need to be cigarette free for a full year.

You don’t have to hide your prior cigarette use, the underwriting guidelines only require a year of no cigarettes for the non-tobacco rate! Now to the last step:

  • Step 4: Disclose Use of Marijuana and Provide Frequency Details on Application

The last step is to admit and provide details about your marijuana use on the term life insurance application. It’s important because you may test positive for THC on paramedical exam and the insurance company needs to know that upfront.

[Very Important Note] Do NOT Lie About Your Marijuana Use!

You will not get non-tobacco life insurance rates if you are caught in a lie about your marijuana use. They make no exceptions once you’re caught in a lie and you will best case get tobacco rates or worst case declined for coverage.

Also, you do not have to worry about family, friends or your employer finding about about your marijuana use. Your application and medical exam are confidential and only used for decisions on underwriting. You’re privacy is protected by HIPPA laws and not made available to anyone else!

Each company’s application will vary slightly, but you will need to provide details about frequency of marijuana usage and date of last use. Just honestly answer the questions asked on the application!

Can You Meet These Four Requirements?

Get Term Life Insurance for Marijuana Use from Companies that allow itIf you can meet the above requirements, we can help you qualify for affordable marijuana life insurance rates in the non-tobacco (non-smoker) classification! This is the best option for anyone who uses marijuana in some form. 

As part of the approval process, you need to provides details of usage on your application and complete a medical exam at your convenience before getting an official offer from the life insurance company. 

If you’re healthy (no major medical issues ), it’s possible to get approved for life insurance at a Preferred Non-Tobacco classification as a marijuana user with the companies that we represent! 

We’ll help you get the lowest rate possible…take the first step and get your free quote today:

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